Christina Jarmolinski, Modern Art.

Paintings Collages and Prints


Dog Walk by Christina Jarmolinski

My dog and other dogs I've painted. Unfortunately in my maze of photos I can not find my past dogs and their paintings. Just for fun today.

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Photo Sketches of my Studio

Sometimes I just let my eyes flow through my studio. My mind wanders off guided by the colors of my palette. What doe all this mean? Where is my art taking me? Down paths of the unknown or walkways to the already accomplished. The secure moment or..............

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My Masterpiece in Ceramics

I thought I would like to show the many viewers of my art blog how my "Art Life" began in the 1970's. All of these pieces of white, red and black clay, were "hand built. " I also developed glazes unique only to my ceramics. My recipes for these..............

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Forest in Sunlight, Fish Fry and Love Rules latest by Christina Jarmolinski

These are 3 of my latest paintings. The Forest and Sunlight is my impression of the forest around my studio in the Springtime. The sun shone bright through the stems of the pine and Maple trees. The blossoming pink bushes in contrast to the other..............

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Philadelphia - left big impressions on our Dutch Friends and Family

Our Day Trip to Philadelphia was a great success. We showed our family Philadelphia in one day. We started in the Historic District of Philly and ended in Chinatown for a lovely evening walk and dinner.

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Commissioned Art by Christina Jarmolinski

This was fun. I was supplied with "important photos" of my clients trips, dog and portrait photo. There was also a photo of the motorcycle, which just didn't fit into my composition. I didn't know that this was the "Key" for them. It was hard work..............

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View out of my Studio Windows by Christina Jarmolinski

I love my studio. It is light, spacious, has great views and I can work here in peace. My classes are going usual. I have found my spot again to work, meditate and love life. Thanks again Rob!

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Sip and Paint in Christina Jarmolinski's newly renovated Art Studio

This was my "Virgin" Sip and Paint in my new Art Studio in Salisbury, MD. We had a great time. My students loved being creative, enjoying themselves with their friends and colleagues. It was mentioned many times, what a great experience it was to..............

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My newly renovated art studio! With Love, blood, sweat and tears it's finished!

Thanks Rob for your generous gift of love, blood ,sweat and tears! I am so grateful!

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My Art Studio Reno

My Art Studio Reno has been an ongoing process of the last few months! It was pretty exhausting boxing everything to start with. Rob tearing down walls, installing a faucet, shelves, repairing my paper drawers, which has been used by my professor..............

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