Christina Jarmolinski, Modern Art.

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Art is my Life

"Art is my Life" is my mantra."

Artist, instructor and author, I have been an artist for over 40 years.  My world is color and my art expressions stretch from figurative paintings to my newest, Zen Art and Meditations. After writing meditations, I  paint to express my visions and feelings.

Newest: My studio is now situated in Bavaria, Germany, where I also offer the same classes as in Salisbury. Offering classes in Zen Art in my studio in Salisbury, Maryland and guiding my students through meditation they create Zen-Inspired Art, a visual meditation. It is about cultivating awareness while meditating with positive visual energy thoughts.
In 1978, I was elected a nominee for the Bavarian Ceramics Award, a grant from the German region of Swabia, where I owned my first art studio- making ceramic sculptures. (see press)

In addition to my formal education, I had the opportunity to work in the studio of the well-known sculptor/painter and art professor Erich Schmidt-Unterseher for many years in Augsburg, Germany and Pierre von Moll in Arles, France. As a stage painter at the Opera House in Augsburg, I found my passion for large-scale paintings on large-scale canvases as backdrops.

 Among others, my art studies have been in the highly acclaimed Oskar Kokoschka School in Salzburg, Austria. Then in  Germany and the USA.I  studied art in Europe. I was docent of art and art appreciation in Germany, Holland, Italy and India. I have also Instructed  Mandala Meditations in Florida, Maryland and Germany.
For many years I also held workshops in "Pathway to Abstraction in Acrylics and Mixed Media ," a program I developed for Adult Education in Swabia Akademie, Germany.

Traveling throughout Europe, India and the USA, I have been influenced by many foreign cultures. My work is shown and collected internationally.

Extensive travels throughout Italy, Holland and India and experiencing the various local cultures has influenced my art . I was mostly attracted to the intensive colors of Indian daily life, markets and spices, which have become a continuous source of inspiration for my art. India and the tropics have changed my palette finding more colorful hues, abandoning the dark tones of my earlier work.

For more then 20 years I was an educator of ceramics, painting and mixed media  in the "Schwaben Akademie Irsee" and at the Community College of Augsburg in Adult Education.

After being a professional artist for over 30 years I became curator to Syzygy Gallery in Ft. Myers, FL., owner and manager of three galleries and private schools of art, offering workshops in painting. I developed "The Pathways to Abstraction'" in Germany.

In Germany my art was been shown for years in BBK Augsburg (Berufsverband Bildende Kuenstler) -Professional Artist Association., in the Ecke Gallery in Augsburg, in Munich in galleries, at the Casino in Zandvoort in the Netherlands,  Washington DC USA, in many galleries in Florida, and Maryland as  in India, Mailand, Italy, Switzerland.

In 1990 and again in 1991 I was invited by the City of Augsburg to paint the facade and the corridors of the Park School in Augsburg. I have been quoted by the press "Art and architecture is art for everyone”.

In the German museum "Oberschoenenfeld" I established a children's art appreciation and painting workshop. It was fun teaching children.

After returning to the States,  I exhibited in collective shows with the late Robert Rauschenberg and in; the Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers, in the Gallery Arts for Act, Fort Myers, Gallery Big Arts, Sanibel, and in galleries in Naples (Florida)-for instance The Liebig Gallery..  my art has been shown in one-woman art shows at Gallery Syzygy and Sans Frontiers in Ft. Myers. Ocean City, Maryland, Salisbury, Maryland, Germany.

"An edgy artist who loves to experiment using found objects, torn papers, gold plate, newspapers and more, Christina Jarmolinski says her art is not mainstream.  Her forte is figurative painting, which she has abstracted in her collages and assemblages.  Having studied art and languages in Europe, Christina has become established in the International and US art scene.  She has mastered many techniques including sculpture, ceramics, painting, murals and more.  She worked as a stage designer, adult and children’s art instructor and jewelry designer. " A quote from Claudia Goode, curator of Arts for Act Gallery in 2013 in Fort Myers, Florida.

My art was also shown in collective shows with the late Robert Rauschenberg in Florida. In; Naples, Ft. Myers, Sanibel Island, Connecticut, DC, Maryland and Delaware and in Germany.

In 2000, Roger Horné, producer and art correspondent for the news channel N-TV, filmed a documentary of my art  at my studio in Fort Myers, Florida, which was broadcasted throughout Europe. See my video page. My paintings have been sold internationally to private collectors in the USA, Germany, India, Italy, Spain and Holland.

While living in Germany, Rob de Koter, photographer and web designer and I founded and operated a Gallery- "Der Malerhof", which proved to be a great success showing contemporary art. Der Malerhof was a very productive time in my art.Some of my younger students have since studied art at "Der Kunstakademie Muenchen", others have advanced into studies of art therapy.

 Installation of " Rain ",- this piece was sold, along with  mixed media "Pennies From Heaven" at Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers, Florida-

News: Years have passed and my new studio is now situated in the hills of Bavaria, Germany. I  moved my studio and home to Maryland, enjoying Delmarva on the Atlantic. - And the Atlantic is where I started my life's journey, in Connecticut.  I have  received prizes for my mixed medias and paintings The Art Center of Ocean City, Maryland and in the Art Institute& Gallery in Salisbury, MD. Some of my work has also been shown at The Rehoboth Art Center in Rehoboth, Delaware and in Rockville, and Washington DC with my Frida Kahlo paintings.

In November, 2013 I received a Prize for Love and Peace - acrylic painting - shortly thereafter for Pennies from Heaven.

Art journalists Gerald Linder of the Augsburg Allgemeine and Tom Hall of the Examiner and others  have frequently written about my works throughout the years.

My path has directed me back to Germany to a small Market town of Taennesberg in Bavaria. Here I was able to find a suitable studio in a two hundred year old building cum living space. I hope to continue instructing to the locals. Due to Covid, Corona, many of many plans have been canceled. In Autumn of 2021 I hope to re-institute my art studio.

Thank you for your interest in my art.