Fusions of Color - Contemporary Art by Christina Jarmolinski

Christina Jarmolinski - Fine Artist

"I am an American contemporary artist of fine Art and studied art in Europe.

My works are complex using various methods to convey my ideas and subjects. I mostly  work in series. The paintings tell of stories or fantasies I  explain in figurative or geometric shapes. They are executed mostly in mixed media, depicting figurative, abstract expressionism.

I also love making collages out of pictures, coins, printed matters. Some works are recycled  magazines. I  combine them with paint and -"voila" - a new story is created.

All of my works are original and unique.

The year I resided in India I studied gemology. I learned of the stones and their attributes. As an artist my dream was to be able to evaluate the gems  I wished to purchase and  to design jewelry  in a contemporary version of  the traditions of Indian and Tibetan jewelry.

Please check my Art Jewelry chapter on this website.

Collectors of my art have asked about doing Layaways. So I developed a layaway plan. Both collectors and I are happy with this solution.

 I offer Giclees of my art. All my Giclees prints are singed and certified of their authenticity."

Contact me if you are interested in group art classes-"The Pathway to Abstraction." My studio is now in Salisbury, MD.

Photography & Web design by Rob de Koter from www.syzygydesign.com

As Cezanne, the Father of Modern Art once said  “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

Art is a universal language.

My art is shown and collected internationally.

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