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Fusions of Color - Contemporary Art by Christina Jarmolinski

Christina Jarmolinski - Fine Art - Storyteller with Paints - Intuitive Artist - Zen Art

"Art is where my heart is."

"I believe Art is a form of meditation with God." CJ

"After decades of painting, experimenting with color, paints and gluing papers, I have decided now is the time to explain the development of  my art. Living in Europe and the US I have been influenced greatly by the art of Old Masters, Modern Art and architecture surrounding my daily life .For instance through:

Matisse,; "Matisse is commonly regarded, along with Pablo Picasso, as one of the artists who best helped to define the revolutionary developments in the visual arts throughout the opening decades of the twentieth century, responsible for significant developments in painting and sculpture.[2][3][4][5]." Wikipedia

Kandinsky,, "Kandinsky's creation of abstract work followed a long period of development" Wikipedia

The Blue Riders, Die Blaue Reiter,; 

Frieda Kahlo, "Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy" Wikipedia

The BauHaus Movement,


I find colors and patterns are the tools to express my art and emotions. I learned to understand my environment, society, politics and religion. Life and Death is has been expressed in my works. Through meditation, my trust in God, I opted to seek and express the positive. I've traveled in many countries. My travels taught me about myself, my courage, about art and society.

The additional study of languages has opened many doors for me.

I realize my paintings  connect to many. Focusing on the Old Masters I developed my own language. The majority of my work ranges from  Conceptional Art, to Abstraction and to Surrealism, (primarily in my collage works) and to portraits. I learn with each stroke. Very often I start in a certain topic. Sometimes with acrylics only and sometimes in collage. I can stare at my painting for hours or days, finally coming up with the solution I think tells what I want. I feel my art tells stories. So I guess I am a story teller with paints. Sometimes my paintings are auto biographical and sometimes visionary.

Through the use of complimentary colors, blocks of colors, light and shadow with color, I merge them to sing a song. In my studio I am alone in my own world fabricating a new world.

As Cezanne, the Father of Modern Art once said, " A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

Therefore throughout the 4 plus decades of painting, my style has naturally changed. I would have dreaded to stay at one point in my development, although  I have been recognized with my “Jarmolinski-Blue,” as a dear friend and artist of realism, Pat Cleveland in Florida, once stated.

Teaching art gives me great pleasure, especially when my students are amazed and happy about their works.

Much has been written abut my works in the US and Europe, about the energy of colors of my art.

I received prizes and recognition for my art, for which I am thankful.

My art has been shown and collected in US,Europe and Asia


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