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Hi. I'm back again with a new video of one of my latest series about penguins


Hi. I'm back again with a new video of one of my latest series about penguins. These are not childish penguin paintings. It goes deeper into the soul. Penguins symbolize love, togetherness and family. I painted 5 in this series. I'm pleased with the..............

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I'm writing on my book #4

Hi Everyone. At the moment I decided to paint and write. After meditating yesterday a thought reoccured on which I had been working on and set aside at least 30 years. So I decided last night to start again on my 4th book. One book I wrote for my..............

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Christina colors her World - Zentangle Art

Christina Colors her World. My works are graphic and paintings using the method of Zentangle Art. It was great fun venturing in this field and abstracting it along the way. I also included architecture reminiscing of the streets of San Francisco. I'..............

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Relaxing in the Pink Room

I was asked to paint a nude in a pink room. Here it is. I combined the warmth of the room with the sun shinning into it. The nude is relaxing. Enjoying the warm and colorful atmosphere. This painting is acrylic on canvas. If you are interested in..............

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White Trees in Mystik The Mystic' derives from a form of symbolism after meditative walk through many forests. These are my experiences with trees to every season and weather conditions. Trees are symbols of life..............

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I let my paints flow into this vibrant mixture of colors forming "Movement." This is acrylic on Canvas on cardboard. Easy to frame. A Movement of happiness. Specification details Medium Acrylic on Canvas Other details Artwork on cardboard. Framing..............

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Simply the Best- Tina Turner

I will gladly sell this painting to a collector or lover of Tina Turner's music. You can also find Simply the Best- Tina Turner on, Instagram and Pintrest For sale by artist. I ship worldwide. If you are interested in this painting..............

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Calypso is one of my paintings feeling the heat of a summer day. It's acrylic on canvas - 80x100 For sale for lovers of music or others. If you are interested in this painting just contact me. See my contact page.

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My 2023 Calendar

This year I decided to compose a calendar of some of my newest works of 2022. I offered the calendar to friends, family and my art collectors. This is a limited edition. Most of these works are for sale directly through me. Acrylic on Canvas. mostly..............

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It's that day again. The day my beloved country was attacked and ripped out of balance. Every year I recall the devastation and the great loss families and friends had to endure. USA as a secure place, this feeling was abolished. Evil was present..............

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