Vintage Two Strand with Ancient Cat

Vintage Two Strand Multi-Colored Necklace with Ancient Cat. You can easily display this exciting necklace in your home when you are not wearing it! Place it on your coffee table and enjoy it. The ancient cat is jumping over the moon. - My interpretation.

I designed it to look like a Museums piece of art highlighting the many beautiful, old stones, such as  turquoise beads and corals, pyrites, agates and green cats eyes agates, jade and Tibetan Silver beads. I wired the Ancient Cat  in Argentum Silver.  The clasp is 1.5 inches Tibetan Silver.

You will be the envy of your friends.

All stones are hand picked and collected by me in India and on my other travels.

It is young although vintage, ancient looking.  A piece you can hand down for generations.

31.00 Inch
$ 325.00