Zen Art Mixed Media

ZEN ART by Christina Jarmolinski

What does this mean?

For many years I have been writing visual meditations in English and in German, depending on the country, in which I was instructing art.

This past year a group of my students asked me to combine my weekly visual meditations with creating mixed media paintings and collages.

These are the latest works I have created after meditating. I call them Zen Art.  I have placed no restrictions upon myself designing these canvas boards, letting my creative juices flow freely. Something I have always suggested to my students, but have never completly enjoyed this myself.

So there you are. After over 40 years of academic painting, I haved decided to let my paintings and mixed media talk to me and I listen.

Since I also enjoy drawing and doing graphics I feel I have found a new path for me to combine my years of knowlege of painting with this new, for me, form of expression based on the meditations I write. Zen Art. A conglumerate of ideas.