Sunset in the Forest

On this paticular day, the sun had been bright throughout. As the sun was setting I saw the fierce glow through my studio window. It was amazing. So many volumes of red and orange into yellow. It was  intensive energy. I was in awe.

Using one of my larger canvas formats, I wanted to convey the intensity of this auspicious sunset. It felt like being in another place, warm and magnificent. I realize in nature the grandness of our earth and the minimal importance of ourselves. It is a comforting feeling, letting God be in command.

Later after finishing this painting, as I often do, I wrote a meditation about this experience.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Abstract Surrealism
36 Inch
48 Inch
$ 2 700.00

Trees in the Moon Glow - My studio is situated in a forested area. One evening I first watched the Sun Set and soon after the Moon Glow.  I pulled out two of my larger canvases to express the beauty and magic I had witnessed. As the moon appeared, the surroundings turned blue, the moon, pale yellow hues and the trees became silhouettes in this early evening light. After the warmth of the sun during the day, the coolness of the moon was almost tangible. It was a magical hour. It was auspiscious

After completing this painting, which took a while, I also wrote a meditation about this feeling. The world is so beautiful, if we open our eyes and hearts to it.

This is an acrylic painting on canvas. The sixe is 36 x 48 inches