NTV Video interview in my Studio in Florida


In 1999 Roger Horne' interviewed me in my studio in Fort Myers, Florida. He had seen some of my paintings in a gallery in town and asked the gallery owner to contact me. This was all very exciting.

A few weeks later Mr. Horne' showed up with his camera crew in my studio to do the interview. I had assumed I would be prepared with make up and also about the questions in the interview. This wasn't the case. It was cold turkey. To top it all off the interview was in German. NTV is a international broadcasting company and at that time had its office in DC and other cities worldwide.  I am fluent in German, but the transition was not easy. I remember the studio being around 90 degrees Fahrenheit on that day. On my property was a barn, which was converted into my studio. It  had no air conditioning but huge barn doors and oversized fans. So I literarily "sweat" my way through the interview and the bright, hot lights adding to the hot situation. I was happy, though. To think that I was being interviewed by such an important personality as Mr. Horne' was. Little did I know the interview would be broadcasted throughout Europe. Months later, my European friends called me and told me that had seen me in the interview on tv. 

I was and am very thankful for this great opportunity given to me.  Mr. Horne'  of NTV has given me the permission to show the video on my website. Thanks again Roger Horne" Danke Schoen!"


A few months later a different TV team, I believe it was Better Home and Gardens also filmed in my studio. That was a fabulous year for me.  Unfortunately this video has vanished.