Mandala Workshop - Zen Art by Christina Jarmolinski

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Mandala Workshop - Zen Art by Christina Jarmolinski

I offered the Mandala Workshop in my Salisbury, Maryland Studio on a beautiful Spring Saturday.

We began with conversation and coffee setting a relaxing tone for the day and preparing to let outside distractions glide away. Students enjoyed a continuous feed slide show of traditional and non traditional mandalas including some of my own work.
Then we moved into a 20 minute Mandala Visual Meditation I wrote many years ago when I lived in Germany.  I enjoyed translating it into English and sharing with my students.

After the meditation we shared our experiences and prepared to create the first mandalas working on small format.

I gave a presentation which included the history of mandalas, mandala symbols and colors and various types of mandalas.

Mandala, the word, is derived from classical Indian Sanskrit and means circle and represents wholeness.

After our small formatted mandala we enjoyed a delightful luncheon prepared by Chef Rob. We had Indonesian Sate’, Asian pasta, fresh green beans and a cucumber salad (all organic with a careful eye to flavors, textures and color).

After lunch an a short walk around the garden we returned to begin work on our larger-size Mandalas of 16x20 inched. They were free formed using mixed media including collage.

We discovered that creating mandalas in a group and using visual meditation allowed our creativity to flow and helped us create our own circle of connection.

At the end of the day we shared our work and experiences. We were rewarded with a bowl of ice cream and awarded Certificates of Achievement for the Mandala Workshop.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions please feel free to contact me.