The Golfer-Award winning

This award-winning painting was executed for the Hyatt Regency Golf Resort and the Dorchester County Center for the Arts presenting  The 2nd Annual Plein Air Golf Tournament and Cocktail Party

sponsored by PNC Wealth Management

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It was a challenge fighting against the strong, cold winds of the Chesapeake Bay yesterday, but it was fun and invigorating. The wind made it difficult to keep the canvas on the easel. The paint dried almost immediately, before I could transfer it to my canvas. It was fast painting. Since I generally paint fast, I could deal with it.  I have never painted in a Plein Air Competition, since I am a studio painter. I enjoyed the fresh air and the activities of the golfers in action and in their carts. We, artists also received a cart to go and find the best spot for our endeavor. Since the wind was so strong, I found a cozy nook and was first greeted by a family of deer.  This is completely different to working in the solitude of my studio.

Thereafter we were invited to a free drink and a light evening meal with the golfers at the country club.

The painting won honorable mention with a cash prize. I am happy with my painting.

Thank you to the PNC Bank of Cambridge, which financed this competition.